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Summer19 release top 10 things to focus on for Salesforce Admin and Developer

As we all are acquaint that Salesforce brings the enhancements in its platform three time a year i.e. summer, winter and spring releases. The Salesforce summer19 release is quickly approaching and soon people will be able to take advantage of the exciting innovative features and functionality of this release. So, here in this post we will be taking deep dive in what is in store for summer19 release. I am going to list some of the out-of-the-box features which are going to be incorporated with the release of summer19.

Lightning Experience

Lightning has been the talk in Salesforce. I hope all will agree that it has surpassed classic in some features. So, this time with summer19  all those who are using iPad it will be a boon for them. Wondering how? Let me unravel it. You can now have full access to the full desktop version of Lightning Experience in browser (preferably Safari). This will surely upgrade the user experience.

Top 10 enhancements for Salesforce Admin

ISV- Package Usage

 This amazing platform tool i.e. package usage summary report has just got better. From now on you can get insights into how your company makes use of the managed packages installed in your Salesforce org. The download link will be generated after you requested for package usage summary. This new update will build better understanding for the employees.


Let’s have a quick glance at what novelty does summer’19 has come up with. Now, you can set up the conditions along with the Email options and you will be notified as soon as the conditions are being met.


Let’s shed some light on the new UI functionalities. Salesforce has now enabled both the desktop and phone view at once in the supported form factor feature.

Campaign Marketplace

Have you ever thought that all your active campaigns could be viewed? If you have then Hurry! Now you can actually view all your active campaigns, sort them with the new campaign marketplace feature.

Enhanced Permission Set Component Views

Salesforce is always enhancing the user experience with every new release. This time too it has come out with an upgrade for portions of permission set user interface.

App Builder

This feature was not provided in Spring’19. But now we have this option to add actions within the App Builder. Isn’t this feature wonderful that you can make a list of your actions, be more organized and do your work more systematically. summer19  has introduced yet another powerful feature the enhanced list in the related list. This will enable you to fetch up to 10 columns at once. It will also enable you to perform sorting, mass actions, resize columns and wrap text.

New Record Page Setting

If you are not comfy with the grouped default view in Lightning Experience then Salesforce is out with yet another striking functionality. User can on the individual basis change the preferences in their respective user settings.

Power up Related Lists

One of the most liked feature is additions to Lightning page layouts.Salesforce Admins are you ready to be all the more powerful? Yes, admins can customize record pages by ensuring that users have everything that is required. With summer19 , Salesforce has added more power by extending the customization functionality of related lists by resizing, sorting up to 10 columns, wrapping text and perform mass actions.

Send Free Surveys

Salesforce Surveys permits the users to send surveys to all customers. Previously, users require to pay license fee for sending the surveys.  Now, Salesforce users have the ability to send free surveys. The charges are applicable once the initial free limit is exceeded and on the basis of the recorded responses.

Update Sales Quotas

Did you find it tiring to update sales quotas via API or data loader by the use of Apps? Salesforce has made the process easy by using point and click tool directly from within Salesforce.

Salesforce Confetti Celebration

One of the natty features that Salesforce has introduced is the ability to add a confetti celebration once an opportunity sales path hits a certain stage. User can set the celebration to fire off at any stage and there is an add-on to this that user can also control the frequency of this. Users will enjoy the celebration.

Add Opportunity Contact Roles

Salesforce is all set to enhance Lightning Experience. Here, we go now you can conveniently add opportunity contact roles in Lightning Experience. You can easily view a list of all the contacts for the particular account, edit a primary contact for an opportunity or modify contact roles.

Top 10 Enhancements for Salesforce Developer

Changes in New Dev Console Feature with summer19 

Are you finding difficult to read your data? Are you not paying attention to your formatting? Then, yes you can now bring a balance that affects your code formatting. Salesforce has opened up new patterns for code formatting in the form of fixed code formatting.

Flow & Process Builder 

  • Automation Home (Beta): This new functionality will assist you in exploring webinars, videos, TrailHead content for developing Lightning flow applications and connect with automation trailblazers. Therefore, opening new avenues for learning.
  • Besides this with summer19, Salesforce has introduced with new and improved UI.
  • Enhance your programming skills with new resource option. Most importantly, to make it even better Salesforce has announced one more global variable ($Client).
  • Another treasure from summer19 is Apex Defined. This is a new resource variable type.
  • Salesforce is ringing “Custom Notification” bell with summer19 . New action on process sounds wonderful for all the users because they have the ability now to send and create their own notifications.

Changes in Indentation with summer19

To improve the performance is everyone’s aim. Am I right? To enhance the look and feel of your work Salesforce has announced new preferences prettier: indent with tabs, print width and tab width feature. Most importantly, Salesforce developers just gear up to develop better and enhanced understanding of your code.

Link to Lightning Component Library

If there is frequent access to other pages or outside your org then you can streamline your action with this new Dev console feature> link to lightning component library. Besides this, you can easily and smartly do the linking.

OAuth Custom Scopes

Will you like that someone enter your premises without your permission or more clearly will you permit any unauthenticated access?  To enhance the authentication access to resources without revealing user credentials to apps use OAuth. OAuth Custom scope validates and authenticates the custom scope.

New API EndPoint Smart Data Discovery

Let’s talk more about what’s more into developer’s cup of tea. Workbench benefits the developer’s because they can extract data from the repository which they are not able to view in their Salesforce org. With summer19 Salesforce is out with this new functionality that will allow the developers to find new API.

Changes in Lightning Experience Prompts with summer19

With this release, Salesforce is out with this bizarre feature that allows you to create your own prompts by using clicks not code because it allows you to make new users more proficient with Lightning. Let more and more users dive into the innovative functionalities.

Merge up to 3 Case Records

I am sure that customers are going to like this feature. Previously, you had to use the AppExchange Apps or do some custom development for merging the case records. With summer19, Merge Cases is going to have analogous functionality as Account merge.

Task Notifications by Email

Are you facing ambiguity in assigning of the tasks? If so, then now Salesforce has resolved it. After assigning of the task, sales reps have the control to monitor the email settings. Wow!!! this is amazing because it is going to work as reminders.

Row- Level Formulas

Most importantly, this new feature permits you to create formulas at a row-level i.e. you can build one-off formulas once in a report and get cleared of creating all the unnecessary formula fields which are not being used in a particular report. Lightning report builder is no more a fear.

Besides this, I am sure all you Salesforce people are going to find this amazing.

Most importantly, if you haves pre-release .org you can play with the new features of summer’19. I hope that the roundup of some of the vital features with summer19 proves to be beneficial. This is a wrap up on this post. Stay tuned and keep an eye on my forthcoming blog.