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Story of First Noida User Group Event -Meet the New Salesforce

I was updated by Salesforce Team on 1st August that we have a official User Group in Noida now…and then after a week I found that there is an event which is conducted by more than 100 Salesforce User and Developer Groups worldwide.Since I was very new to the system,I somehow managed to get the complete info and decided to take this up..and here we started writing a history….

Salesforce has planned for an announcement on 26th August which was completely a secret for all of us  and a Fireside Chat with Parker Harris on 27th August for all those who were not able to make up on 26th. Unfortunately,We were on the second list due to IST Odd Timings.

Being a User Group Leader,It was my responsibility to know about the 26th August Event as well,so I was awake till Morning and guess what I won a prize for the secret question as well.

On 27th August evening time IST,We were all set for the event.We got a very nice venue ,with all set up for the Pizza Party.After watching the Live Event  from San Francisco in the prior night,I decided to put this on my agenda as well.

We got a decent amount of audience (Well around 40 and it wasn’

t expected on a weekday after office working hours).We started with the video recording and then We had a short presentation on what we are and about our group.

We served the Pizzas,thanks to the waiters who helped us managing water and Pizza & Cokes as we served everything on the tables.

After watching the recording,everyone was excited and then suddenly we brought yummy cupcakes..Oh Man they we awesome!!(The best part is that Salesforce sent it all along to our event that too with a Surprise on the day before the event.)

Well Why not discuss the list of Goodies we had,All credit to Salesforce,it was really exciting to see all that:

  • Tshirts
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Salesforce Banners
  • Candies
  • A Party Cap
  • Some other stuff like stickers,paper,pen etc.

Being the first event We also prepared two awesome banners.Those were an amazing concept.

We ended up the event after the fireside chat with lot of event pics.I have uploaded them as well.

Please do check out.We are in a plan to set a another event as soon as possible.Stay tuned and will share that experience as well.

For more details about our group,Please check out here.


You would also do not want to miss our Facebook album here :

Meet the New Salesforce Event

Posted by Noida Trailblazer Community on Friday, August 28, 2015