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Salesforce Success Community – Celebrating 2 Million Members (Part 5)


Salesforce Success Community  has recently crossed 2 Million Members! Awesome Achievement!!

Salesforce will be celebrating on February 22nd and the official hashtag/topic is #Success2M,So keep an eye on it, tweet and share 🙂

To contribute to the celebration,With help of Claudio Castro (Manager, Salesforce  Community),I am here with this very short blog series-“Salesforce Success Community- Celebrating 2 Million Members “.I checked with few community members and asked them to share their feelings for this amazing community and what they said  is worth 2 Millions  🙂

If you have missed previous posts?Please check here.(Trust Me,You would never want to miss them)

This is my last post in the series.Many Thanks to Everyone who has contributed in it 🙂


I first met Salesforce in 2007 and have been mining online Kristi Guzmanfor Success resources ever since. From bouncing ideas off others as a solo admin, to finding local User Groups (or starting my own WIT group!), to getting an outside opinions when my co-admin & I can’t agree – it’s a wonderful resource for engaging with others who Salesforce everyday. The learning & growth I have experienced in the Community is what inspired me to take it into the real world through Southeast Dreamin’ – our inaugural event is next month!

In the Salesforce Community, no one is a stranger – everyone offers encouragement and support like an old friend, just because they can!

PS:She is also a Salesforce MVP Now 🙂

-Kristi Guzman(Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog)


I am a self-taught Salesforce Admin in Portland, Celeste KellerOregon who blogs  and tweets  about all things Salesforce in my spare time. I am  a Salesforce MVP, a Success Community Champion, and a Salesforce Certified Admin, Advanced Admin, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Developer. You can See my  blog about the Community here.

I have been a member of the Success Community since 2007, but have only been really active for the fast few years. I love the Community because I have connected with lots of people like me, and also because it is a great place to answer any question about anything in Salesforce! I really enjoy answering questions and sharing information with my fellow admins and devs.

Success Community: Where no question goes unanswered!

-Celeste Keller (Twitter | Blog)


I’ve moved closer to the mothership and am now working at a LG HeadshotSalesforce Partner – Apttus. My role allows me a unique perspective and experience on both the business and admin side of things, and I now spend my time marketing an amazing tool that any #awesomeadmin will Love – X-Author by Apttus.

Having worked for 3 different organizations using Salesforce, I’ve been a member of the Success Community for 5 years. It is the true reason for my success starting out as a #SoloAdmin all the way through Salesforce Administrator Certification. My mantra has been that my problems likely aren’t unique and someone else has probably faced them and perhaps found a solution – the Success Community was where my answers were 99% of the time. When I started using Salesforce and the Community I was more of an observer, and it did take some time to start really getting more involved, attending groups, answering questions, etc. I urge everyone to get started sooner than later! WE, the Salesforce Community (I like to think of it as a family), are what makes this thing so successful. WE ARE THE 2 MILLION! HOW COOL!

Success Community is Your Virtual Help Desk,The Salesforce Family You Never Had,One Stop Shop For Salesforce, Awesome!!

-Laura Guenther (Twitter | LinkedIn)


I’m primarily a Salesforce Developer but I love doing Admin work as well.  AdamI recently started a blog and have loved being active on social media talking about Salesforce! 

I’ve been a part of the Success Community for about a year now.  I’ve spent a little time answering questions but I’ve spent a ton of time getting answers as well.  I’ve also been able to further connect with people and my time working with the Success Community has inspired me to start my own blog, become active on Twitter, and also contribute to the developer forums.  The Success Community is always one of the first places I direct people to because in addition to finding great answers, by answering questions yourself, you can learn more about Salesforce than you would have ever though possible!

Success Community is A great place to grow and learn about Salesforce! There’s always more to discover! #Success2M 

-Adam Olshansky (Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog)


I am  a 6x certified Salesforce professional. In my free time, I write blog posts on and a session leader in the Salesforce Certification Study Group on the community. Jeremiah Dohn

I have been a member of the success community since 2013. It was first a place to learn more about the Salesforce platform when I was a beginning admin. Now it has become a place where I help others learn about the platform, troubleshoot issues, help others to get certifications by leading sessions in the Salesforce Certification Study Group and allows me to connect with my fellow admins.

 The community is composed of the most caring, welcoming individuals and represents the best of the Salesforce platform.

PS:He has been recently announced as Salesforce MVP as well 🙂

-Jeremiah Dohn  (Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog)


I am a Salesforce Architect and leads on-shore and off-shore implementation Fabriiceteams to successfully design, build and deploy Salesforce solutions, typically on year long global projects.I co-founded the first Salesforce User Group in Europe, London in 2006.

I don’t remember exactly when did I start with the community, I guess it was in 2006? For me the community, is a part of Salesforce’s delivery model: you get the great platform we all know about but you also get the AppExchange ecosystem and a vibrant community. It all comes as a single package.

The benefits I get from the success community are priceless! Salesforce is what I do for a living and the community is an obvious place to go and find people to help me progress your skills and answer my questions. I don’t need to be after an answer to browse the success community, hanging around and reading what other members are discussing is also a great way to learn.

The Success Community is the knowledge one-stop-shop for all Salesforce professionals.

-Fabrice Cathala(Twitter | Blog )


I have been part of the success community for five plus years. Shonnah HughesHowever, I wasn’t as active starting out. I really start seeing the value the community had to offer and what I could offer it about two and a half years ago. I don’t think I contribute much, really just my opinions. I have gained so much from the community: Knowledge, Genuine Friendship, Love, Support, Courage, Family and Happiness.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. -Gandhi 

-Shonnah Hughes (Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog)


I’ve been an independent consultant, focused on terry Millerhelping people succeed with since 2008.

The Success Community has been a great place to give back to others. I throughly enjoying helping my clients and the community solve problems; it’s why I love consulting. The Community allows me to broaden my reach and support other colleagues. 

The Success Community is the place to receive and share Salesforce love.

-Terry Miller (Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog)