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Noida User Group Event – #AppExchange 4 Million Install Celebration

Noida salesforce User Group Organized another Success Event Celebrating #AppExchange 4 Million install Celebration on 24th September 2016 Saturday. First  of All I would like to thank our Noida Salesforce User Group members for such an awesome support and making this event a huge success ! It’s the genuine excellence of Salesforce, as a Huge people group assembled commending this awesome open door with us. It’s a truly an awesome feeling from inside to be an essential of it.

We found Cloudy and Astro together first time  in middle of event celebrating 4million  🙂


The event highlight is the first time for our online group individuals we did Facebook Live Stream from Noida User Group Event. Featuring of apps on AppExchange is the moment of the event.

Here is a video by Vinay Chaturvedi



12 PM – 12:30 PM: Registrations! & Welcome!

12:30 PM – 1:30PM: Presentation about AppExchange 4M and Keynotes by Vinay Chaturvedi

1:30 PM – 2:00PM: Refreshment Time

02:00 PM – 02:45 PM: Technical session by Ajay Dubedi

02:45 PM – 03:30 PM: Fun Activities & Networking


Our Presenters


We had great Presenters this time Vinay Chaturvedi and Ajay Dubedi. Vinay began with the AppExchange 4M presentation and examined on the Salesforce Strategy behind AppExchange and how fruitful it has been. Vinay shared about the force of salesforce group to individuals and clarify how is group is imperative for everybody and how to offering back to salesforce group.

Here is the Video clip from presentations Session  by Vinay Chaturvedi

Vinay Chaturvedi also shared the inspiring stories on power of Salesforce community.



Ajay Dubedi began specialized presentation on AppExchange. He started with explaining about Appexchange development checklist  for developers. Ajay shared his real time experience for the Appexchange development best practices and steps to follows for getting started using appexchange. How to get an application included on AppExchange, and distinctive discharges and forms to update.  Ajay shared his experience for how to get best out of dreamforce. We likewise had Q&A sessions for group individuals to get their issue determined.

Fun Games- Spin The Wheel / Dumb Charades & App Tales

So this was truly extremely entertaining and intuitive! We played Spin The Wheel  and Dumb Charades in light of Salesforce AppExchange theme.



Group members created their AppTales by clicking the Game URL : and created the story just by entering few keywords when prompted and the App itself creates a Story which was shared in the event and shared via twitter and community member shared their AppTales story in-front of members and won the special cool swags!!!



We also played Spin the Wheel and  Dumb Charades games under the light of Salesforce appexchange theme. To start with the game show first we splitted  members  in teams and funny part was that we created boards and named the team on Appexchange awesome apps as Cirrus Insights,  Docusign,DialSource,SalesGenius, ClickTools,Adobe EchoSign.

We played  two games first one is “Spin the Wheel” and second is “Dumb Charades”.

Spin the Wheel

For  “Spin The Wheel” we called  two representatives from the team, one who will come spin the wheel just by clicking the mouse and after that another representative throw the dice. The Wheel would be having few topics related to Salesforce, so based on the result of spinning wheel and the number appeared on the dice,  we  asked  team  a question.



During the Fun activities we found that Astro watching us from background 🙂

Dumb Charades

For Dumb Charades as everyone be aware about this game i guess and must have played this game for Bollywood movies, names of famous personality , famous books and authors and many more.

But this time we played this  using Salesforce 🙂  For this we called one person from each team  and took a chit from bowl in which a word/list of words are written which was related to salesforce and apps from appexchange like sharing rule, Lightning, Apex, profile etc.

We awarded our winner team (SalesGenius)and the runner team(Adobe EchoSign) with awesome swags.



How can be the event without Pizzas and cokes! We enjoyed it as well.

Our Sponsors

This is the first time Tavant Technologies has sponsored us with Space For this awesome event. Special thanks to them for sponsoring us first time 🙂

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