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Know Your Answers Community Leaders- Sharif Shaalan (Salesforce MVP)


Welcome to the sixth post of Know Your Salesforce Answers Community Leaders  blog series!!

Inspired by Blog Series – Kevin Bacon by Eric ,Girly Geek By Lauren ,Admin Hero By Brent  & the Answers Community forum of which I have been part from a long time,I decided to put this series and I hope that Stories of  our Answers Community Leaders will motivate and inspire other Salesforce Community Members to contribute to community and know the guys who answer their questions 🙂

Special thanks to Eric and Phoebe  for helping me to get started.
Sharif Shalaan

Here I am with another post in  “Know Your Salesforce Answers Community Leaders” featuring – Sharif Shaalan.

You can connect with him on Twitter ,Linked InSuccess community and check out his blogs  as well.

Tell Us About Yourself ?

I have a sales background and had always been in sales positions as a top seller in the companies I worked for. This is where I was first introduced to Salesforce, as a user at a few of the companies I worked for. In 2007 I found myself doing inside cold calling sales and using Salesforce once again.I spent the next two years learning Salesforce the best way in my opinion, hands on!
In 2009 my company sent me to Dreamforce, and that is when I realized the true potential of the platform. The best thing that came out of that visit was my introduction to certifications. I spent the next few months after Dreamforce studying for my Admin Cert and passed my exam early 2010.
In early 2011 one of my clients was roundCorner. I contracted with roundCorner as one of my clients until late 2011 when they gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse to come on as a Principal Consultant. I am still with roundCorner and am now a Technical Architect at the company. Along the way I was the product manager for roundCause Events, I helped build NGO Connect, and I got my Developer, Advanced Admin, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Service Cloud Consultant Certifications. I am also a 3x Salesforce MVP.
In my spare time you can find me on the Salesforce Success Community giving back by answering questions, it’s the least I can do for this great community that always helped me along the way!


When Did You Start Answering?

I started answering questions in the year 2013, I was on the Community since 2009 looking at answers although I never asked many questions because someone had almost always asked the question before!

[Vinay-You Know What ! Recently he crossed 10,000 Answers ,What an Awesome Achievement!]

Sharif 10000 Answers


What Inspired You To Do So ?

I had gotten so much help looking at the community over the years, once I became an expert at SF I wanted to give back.


Special tips for our community users and the contributers

For those answering questions, always try to “Add Value” to the thread. For those asking questions, always search before posting your question since most of the time the question has been asked before.


How Do You Feel Contributing To Answers Community? 

I feel great as it helps other users and keeps my skills sharp as well in researching answers and seeing how others may approach the same problem.


What Would You Say To People To Inspire Them To Contribute To Answers Community?

You not only help other users, you sharpen your own skills and learn a ton along the way!This is the best community in the world, nothing like it! 🙂