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Introducing Noida Student Salesforce Developer Group

About Noida Student Salesforce Developer Group

Noida Student Developer Group is a group operating in northern region of India.We are team of Salesforce aspirants and excellent working professionals. The group provides a platform for students who are interested to build their career in Salesforce and cloud computing world .As we are Salesforce experienced and  are aware of the fact that Salesforce is one of the most innovative technology with endless career opportunities for everyone ,we invite newbies to gain knowledge about Salesforce which will help them not only in learning but also to build a successful career on Salesforce Platform.

5 Reasons Why We launched this group and #SFDC4Students Framework

  1. To spread Salesforce evangelism among students .The students are not aware about the latest and high demand technologies like Salesforce so we would help them generating awareness about the same and helping them getting a good start for their career.
  2. Organizations who are looking for Salesforce trained freshers will be benefited by this program as it would help them to easily identify these future professionals.
  3. It’s very difficult to find a good mentor who can guide towards the career path after graduation.We would utilize the power of Salesforce community to provide proper guidelines to students about their career.
  4. This program will help the many volunteers who want to contribute to the Salesforce community by providing programs like Mentor-Mentee program,Company representatives etc.
  5. To give back to Salesforce and its community. We learned a lot from the Salesforce community which motivates us to give our energy and time to the community back and share our experiences and success stories with students so as to spread more and more Salesforce awareness.

Introducing #SFDC4Students Framework

To help involve more community contributors and engagements ,We have come up with couple of programs under the framework #SFDC4Students which would be an interesting platform for the volunteers to contribute and who would help us to accelerate our group.This framework is public so if you are a salesforce group leader and you want to implement this #SFDC4Students framework,Please feel free to get in touch with me at

Mentor – Mentee Program

We cordially invite mentors for our program who want to give back to Salesforce community.Our mentors will help us to coordinate with the students who are interested in Salesforce and help and guide them for the same.Here mentors doesn’t mean that they would devote a lot of time towards the students but will help us guiding the students time to time at our event online and in person and lot more..

Corporate Representatives

We cordially invite the representatives from companies working in Salesforce domain  who can help us providing a professional environment and help the students’ talent to grow.We would expect these representatives (but would not need any commitment) to help us find the talented students a platform (internship,job,projects may be..) to grow as well.

College Representatives/SPOC

We cordially invite college representatives from different colleges who would help in coordinating events,communicating with colleges etc.In a nutshell,they will be a connection bridge between college and us.

Group Sponsors

We are looking for awesome sponsors who really want to contribute to the community and help us in this initiative.We would be using sponsorships to help boost our various programs!

PS:It is not a job,it is a community work,So we do not expect you to adhere to the responsibilities we speak but would also love to get feedback from you about how you can volunteer and help us improvise this initiative.This is more important than anything for us!

What’s Next?

Let’s get started and help us grow this awesome group,Here are the next steps you can follow:

Sign up for the programs

If you are interested in contribution to this group,Please fill out these forms with your details and We will get back to you to for next steps.Please click on below links to sign up for different programs you want to:

Join the meetup group 

If you are a student or want to be part of any of the program mentioned above,You are invited to join this meetup group here.Kindly note that if you are not a student,please make sure that you are part of either of these programs to be a part of this group as We would do a regular clean up and will remove the group members who don’t belong there to make sure We keep

Get Socially connected

You can get socially connected with us to get updates on the event and other important information:

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In case of any queries,Please do mail us at