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AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)

AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3) is a  part of blog series  – AppExchange App Review Series which is inclined to help you in selection process for the reason I’ll try picking up & installing newly added applications randomly and provide you on-hands detailed information about work ability of that app  and prospects down the line.

Like there’s a different key to every lock, different solution to every problem and different opinion for every thought, in the same way there are many solutions to a given requirement.All we need to decide is which one best suites our requirement in terms of business possibilities, cost-effectiveness, usability, enhancements, efforts and prospects.

Salesforce provides widest range of products and applications which are already developed that might suite your requirement and help you in generating businesses out of it, all you need to diagnose is which application is much closer to match your requirement and how can you customize it accordingly.

There’s one “Suite” where all the answers to your problem resides, we call it “App-Exchange”. All applications that resides here are well tested and uniqueness is maintained on priority and with each application there’s a Functional Guide to help you get an insight about the app.

Here we have nine new apps this February 2016:

Application 1.

Name: SharinPix Images/Photos Management

App Overview:

The ultimate way to manage images in Salesforce. Add/Edit photos in any object. Unlimited Image Storage. Full mobile support in Salesforce1. Photo Analysis creates Salesforce Data. Publish albums in Chatter.
Easily empower your Salesforce with Pictures!

  • SharinPix for Objects: Store pictures in standard/custom Salesforce objects. Use providers to read contents from images and fill your object’s fields. Edit Pics from Salesforce, tag photo, leverage workflow rules, Ligthning process builder, Apex triggers
  • SharinPix for Chatter/Community: Post several images in one click by creating an album, even from mobile. As easy as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Edit photos, tag people, and another cool feature Develop incredible insight about Users behavior.
  • SharinPix for Contacts – Your Customer/Partners can create a case (or any other object) from Images directly from their device without access to Salesforce (using our SharinPix Component on your website, blog, salesforce community or your mobile app).

From user’s perspective:

  • This app enables users to add interactive pictures of any relative salesforce object into their org which enhances the client-customer relationship. Hence, it is a very handy to have app, it is easy to use and can change your salesforce experience completely.
  • Apart from adding photos to objects you can share and even post them to social networking sites, this is a great tool to improve the sales of a firm and share updates.

The basic features are :

  • A full open API to manage and edit images (change resolution, rotate, crop, automatic crop to face, rendering in a specific format and so on)
  • Tag on images
  • Command menu integration (you can add a menu command and get triggered in salesforce with the images selection to work on it)
  • Webform integration (so you can upload pictures from your webform directly to a Salesforce object such as a case)
  • Website integration (so you can display a subset of SharinPix images as an album on a website)
  • Chatter integration
  • Optimized viewer (Thumbnail view, Large view within the component, Full Screen view as a new Tab)

The newest features are :

  • Search component (so you can realize an image search based on Salesforce Object ID and SharinPix Tags to retrieve and display images)
  • Notifications (receive client or server side notification in order to update fields and/or displayed window)
  • Edition on pictures (including Rotate, Crop, Annotation with Drawing and Annotation tool)
  • Admin default settings (you can check everything that could be done by an Admin here : )
  • Tag Action (point and click specific SharinPix workflow triggered when a specific tag is added to a picture in order to save data from the picture to salesforce) so an Admin can create an action such as : When an image is tagged as « Main Picture » a low resolution version of the picture is automatically saved as a URL in a specific salesforce fields (to be used by Conga Composer later on as an example)

Most popular use cases :


This is how users view extra options in their chatter to create a new album or to select an already existing one:

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)34

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)34

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)3

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)3

Application 2.

Name: Salesforce JIRA Cloud Integration Solution

App Overview:

Here 5 Integrations possible with the package:

  • Case created/updated in Salesforce will create/update issue in JIRA
  • New issue from JIRA creates Case in Salesforce
  • Sync case comments in Salesforce to JIRA issue
  • Closed JIRA issues closes Salesforce Case
  • Closed Case in Salesforce will Close JIRA issue

App review from user’s perspective:

  • Workato always provide a strong integration platforms and this app is one great tool to work with the case management system both within salesforce and JIRA.
  • Since JIRA is one of the best tools to operate on service management, integrating it with salesforce makes it easier and faster for the users to manage cases. Workato has done a great job integrating JIRA with salesforce, this will save a lot of time and effort for the users working with cases.
  • Using this app will make cases easily manageable in the firms that waste a lot of effort in tracking the cases as it provides a bidirectional syncing process for both salesforce and JIRA. Tracking, reporting and managing cases are much easier and faster, thanks to Workato.

Application 3.

Name: SLA Tracking

App Overview:

Effortlessly track Service Cloud Case time from Open to Case resolution. Keep on top of your Service Level Agreements and maintain compliance.

  • Track critical metrics for First Touch and time to Resolution due

  • View time in each Status for Total Elapsed Hours and Business Hours

  • View Changes of Priority, Status and Ownership

App review from user’s perspective:

  • Firms that strictly follow the SLA guidelines will no longer have to worry about spending hours to track their cases and effort spend by their associates as this app will provide everything you need to track a case throughout its lifecycle in your service cloud.
  • Users can easily track and manage the status, effort spend, violations, ageing of a case through this app. Also, this app provides a lot of supportive dashboards to visually depict the attributes of a case.
App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)c

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)c


App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)v

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)v




Application 4.

Name: URL for Service 365 – Field Service

App Overview:

Service 365 is complete solution for Field Service & Depot Repair.

Create & Track work order

  • Dispatch Board
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Bundles
  • Hierarchical Assets
  • Contracts,Entitlements
  • Auto Invoice
  • Mobile app
  • Lightning Ready

App review from user’s perspective:

  • This app is a complete package for field service management and it got all the specifications a firm needs to build its trust for a toll that supports tracking of its assets starting from the packaging till its delivery.
  • This app is very heavy in terms of its components usage in your org and costs almost $800 per user (one time), I would love to see how a firm evaluates it by using it real time.
App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)g

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)g


  • It will support all the features related to asset tracking, service management and automatic invoice creations. It will also support order management, inventory management and entitlements.
  • A field service executive can operate with its smart phone and use various features of this described above to avail the services of its firm easily, this is a great functionality provided by the developers.

Application 5.

Name: PowerBox for Salesforce

App Overview:

PowerBox is a world-class app for business and enterprise to easily storage and transfer files in Salesforce. Our three main features: TrendMicro Deep Security, extreme file transferring speed, and unique file exchange chatting console.

App review from user’s perspective:

  • This app provides a fast, reliable and secure platform to transfer files within salesforce.
  • It’s a 2 step process after you install it in your org, firstly connect salesforce with Powerbox and then secondly activate PowerBox for salesforce.
App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)w

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)w





Application 6.

Name: OnActuate Interactive Dashboard

App Overview:

Allows each user to create personalized, interactive dashboards, for their home page.
User can select the chart type and the existing report from the system to create their personal dashboard component.

App review from user’s perspective:

  • By using this tool users can create their personal dashboards for displaying in home page. This way users will remain updated to whatever records they feel like.
  • It is free and very easy to use, I would love to review this app in lightning experience.

This way users can select report type:

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)d

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)d

Also users can select the report type:

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)l

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)l


Application 7.

Name: Calendar Connector

App Overview:

  • Fast calendar sync leveraging the power of the Cronofy Calendar API.
  • All calendars supported, no Outlook plug-ins required, 5 minute sync as standard.Centralized team management and configuration. Setup and control without user involvement.
    Active Directory and Google Groups security integration.

App review from user’s perspective:

  • This app enables you to sync calendar from various platforms to your salesforce org so that you can read/create/delete events, set reminders, etc.
  • It provides the easiest way to sync your calendar with platforms mentioned below:
App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)r

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)r





Application 8.

Name: 9Docs

App Overview:

You can deliver that document in minutes for FREE! There is no any other third party application integration required. developed on 100% platform.

You can easily create:
✔Account Summaries

You can create documents for any standard and custom objects.
9Docs document generator app is incredibly secure, yet intuitive for salesforce users and Admins.

It delivers the top most document generation features. Also, there is no third-party web services include in the document generation.

    Some other features of 9Docs are listed below:

  1. It leverages all the standard permissions
  2. It supports both standard and custom objects
  3. There is no additional plugins required
  4. There is no other extra downloads
  5. Only 1-Click document creation
  6. Data never leaves
  7. It includes Auto-creates activities and follow-up tasks
  8. Send document as Email attachment
  9. Event-driven auto-creation
  10. Salesforce1 and chatter integration

App review from user’s perspective:

  • This is one of the most useful app I have came across recently, users can now create documents of various types by just clicking on a button. You just have to add the button in your layout and that’s it you get your related doc.
  • This app enables user to quickly share the documents via email or chatter while maintaining the security. Hence, it is of great usage and I would like to see people using it more frequently.

This is how newly added button looks like:

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)ad

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)aqs







Application 9.

Name: Noteninja

App Overview:    Noteninja is a sales and account management documentation platform to help communicate better and close more deals.

App review from user’s perspective: With easy to install and easy admin tasks to add the Noteninja Sweet button section on page layout page, this app allows users Sales and Account Management documentation to help the Sales-reps close the Sales deals faster and easier.

Here’s the Section “Noteninja Sweet Button” on my Contact detail page:

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)wq

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)wq






App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)qw

App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3)qw








This has really been an awesome experience for me writing AppExchange App Review Series blog AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 3) and best of my times to find myself surrounded by best of the application from amazing Salesforce Partners, it’s improving my Ideas on Applications on how to develop such crazy Applications that can revamp your business strategies and help your business grow like never before and this is the reason why our customers call Salesforce “A Customer Success Platform”.

For any suggestions, feel free to contact, let’s hope if I can add more value to your ideas. Hope you enjoyed the Salesforce AppExchange App Review Series, don’t forget to share it with the Awesome Salesforce Community.