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AppExchange App Review Series Part 1

AppExchange App Review Series Part – 1 is a  part of blog series which is inclined to help you in selection process for the reason I’ll try picking up & installing newly added applications randomly and provide you on-hands detailed information about work ability of that app  and prospects down the line.

Like there’s a different key to every lock, different solution to every problem and different opinion for every thought, in the same way there are many solutions to a given requirement.All we need to decide is which one best suites our requirement in terms of business possibilities, cost-effectiveness, usability, enhancements, efforts and prospects.

Salesforce provides widest range of products and applications which are already developed that might suite your requirement and help you in generating businesses out of it, all you need to diagnose is which application is much closer to match your requirement and how can you customize it accordingly.

There’s one “Suite” where all the answers to your problem resides, we call it “App-Exchange”. All applications that resides here are well tested and uniqueness is maintained on priority and with each application there’s a Functional Guide to help you get an insight about the app.

Here we have four new apps this December 2016 :

Application 1. 

Name: Rollup Master

Category: Free app.

Overview: Rollup Master is used to get summary on parent object from a set of related records, such as those in a related list. It might be a standard or custom object that get summary values on a Parent record based on the values of records in a child record.

  • Roll-up Master helps to get different types of aggregate results on parent object.
  • Unlimited Roll-ups.
  • Lightning Experience Compatible.

From User’s Perspective 

  • Easy to Install and Use.
  • Real time application that can be used for synchronous and asynchronous processing.
  • Almost all the common use cases related to Roll-up’s are covered.
  • Feature I found really useful is that this app is Lightning Experience enabled.(Lightning Ready application)
  • This is a one tab application and not many changes are required from user’s perspective.

Here’s the Tab: Rollup Master

Rollup Master1






Rollup Master2


Application 2.

Name: Echobot Sales Connect

Category: Paid app.

Overview: Find Email addresses, Key People, News, Financials and Insights on Companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Help your sales people to close deals faster and build better business relations with key accounts. +Lead qualification, +data enrichment

  • Instant access to over 1 million company records on almost any business located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (constantly updated through the trade register, web-imprints and 3rd party data providers)
  • Data on more than 10 million key decision makers / people within these organizations (mostly including email addresses, phone numbers and current job titles) – we also link their social-media profiles for you to reach out.
  • Get the latest News, Press-Releases and Social-Media posts from your target company right within Salesforce. Our machine learning technology helps you identify buying signals and mitigate risks like change in leaderships, expansion plans, etc.

From User’s Perspective 

  • Easy Installation.
  • The application provide all the users to get data related to the business and about Key people related to the businesses and also links their Social media accounts as well.
  • Keeps a track on Key accounts by helping us find the E-mail addresses, Key People, News, Financials and Insights on Companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Limited usage as covers only a few areas of specific countries not much functionality and high limitations.
  • Features can be used with A.I & Salesforce Einstein.

Here’s the Tab: EC2 Console

EC2 Console





EC2 Images

EC2 Images





Application 3.

Name: Lightning Adoption Tracker

Category: Free app.

Overview: You’ve invested in enabling Lightning and now you need to know who can use Lightning and who is switching back and forth. This app will track both! After a couple of clicks for setup, the app will automatically update stats every hour.

  • View Lightning usage trends with a daily Report Snapshot that is automatically updated.
  • Track the adoption funnel in a prebuilt dashboard – all users, those with the Lightning Experience User permission enabled, and those using Lightning (Lightning user preference = True)
  • Create your own custom reports grouping by anything you want on User, leveraging the two custom fields updated daily by the app.

From User’s Perspective 

  • Easy to Install and Use.
  • This application provides the detailed reports about the number of users who are using Lightning.
  • Keeps a track of People who have recently switched to Lightning and vice versa.
  • This app also provides the update on who among the users can use Lightning.

Here’s the Dashboard: Lightning Adoption



























Application 4.

Name: KayakoConnect

Category: Free app.

Overview: KayakoConnect is a Salesforce Application. This app is useful to connect Salesforce with Kayako and vice versa. The app is providing bi-directional Sync functionality.

  • Creating and Updating Cases from Salesforce into Kayako. Also user can update the same Case from Kayako and the changes will reflect into the Salesforce Instance promptly.
  • Creating Reply from Salesforce into Kayako.
  • Viewing All cases and Replies from Kayako to Salesforce.


1.Creating Case from Salesforce in Kayako.

2.Updating Case from Salesforce in Kayko.

3.Create Reply from Salesforce in Kayako.

4.View Case Replies from Kayako in Salesforce for a specific Case.

5.View All Cases of the user from Kayako in Salesforce.

6.Agent can view Kayako case(s) in Salesforce based on Case Access given to the Agent.

From User’s Perspective 

  • Easy to Install and Use.
  • KayakoConnect is a wonderful app with amazing integration capabilities to integrate SFDC with Kayako Help Desk System in a bi-directional way.
  • End-User can log into Cases, Create a case, Update a case, Manage reply and view all cases with tight Integration with Kayako Connect.

Here’s the Tab: Kayako Connect









This has really been an awesome experience for me  writing AppExchange App Review Series and best of my times to find myself surrounded by best of the application from amazing Salesforce Partners, it’s improving my Ideas on Applications on how to develop such crazy Applications that can revamp your business strategies and help your business grow like never before and this is the reason why our customers call Salesforce “A Customer Success Platform”. For any suggestions, feel free to contact, let’s hope if I can add more value to your ideas.

Hope you enjoyed the Salesforce AppExchange App Review Series, don’t forget to share it with the Awesome Salesforce Community.