Vinay Chaturvedi
Salesforce GeekTechpreneurGlobetrotter

I am a strong believer that doing a good job well does not always correlate to the amount of time spent in learning to do it or even actually doing it. The amount of dedication and passion that goes into it does.

My past few years as a Chief Operating Officer in the technology consulting domain has helped me truly understand the opportunities and challenges in building and scaling an organisation. This diverse, global experience and passion for sharing business and technical expertise continue to help me consult at my best for customers. Adding a unique platform like Salesforce to this mix and I'm living my dream job to the fullest!

I love giving back to the ecosystem that has nurtured me. The Trailblazer Community helps me in achieving this goal through community building and mentorship opportunities. I feel immense pride and equal gratitude in seeing how far the community around me has grown and continues to do so.

I’m a people-person with deep emotions and empathy - the perfect ingredients that make me a natural storyteller. I am at my best when I’m sharing my creative expressions with others and am always on the lookout for avenues to do this.

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Dazeworks Inc.
Chief Operating Officer, Architect, since Sep 2016 - present
Noida, India

I lead the global Salesforce practice and delivery,partnerships and alliances, business development, and client relationship management.

After growing the organisation 3 times in size and the Platinum Consulting tier in Salesforce, I continue to develop and implement strategies that help the company meet benchmarks and goals and act as a transformative agent.

Senior Salesforce Consultant, from Apr 2015 - Sep 2016
Noida, India

I was part of the first few lightning migration projects in the world and worked on an advanced level of development including package upgrades, integration, scripting etc. An architect in me was born and I was able to enhance and contribute my skills to successful project delivery. I closely worked with business and technical stakeholders and was able to provide best practice and governance advice.

Tata Consultancy Services
Salesforce Consultant, Developer, from Jul 2012 - Apr 2015
Bangalore, India

I was one of the fortunate trainees to start my career with a development project. I was placed in a client facing role in a month and eventually worked to build applications for Sales and Service teams. With 4 Salesforce certifications, I had the opportunity to lead a development team of 5 members in the second year of my career. I was exposed to global customer handling ,project lifecycle (from estimation to support) and methodology (both Agile and waterfall) and heavy documentation. I was the youngest among 100+ members to receive the customer award of the year.

Noida Trailblazer Community
Founder & Leader, from Jul 2015 - present
Noida, India
My first launch was the Salesforce Noida User Group and eventually founded the Salesforce Noida Developer Group, Noida Student Developer Group. I also helped in founding the Noida WIT group. All these active community groups make up the Noida Trailblazer Community, which is now 350+ members strong. As of today, I lead the Noida Developer Group and have encouraged other community members , also my mentees to run the other groups. My vision is to create a 1000 + members' Salesforce community in Delhi NCR. We do at least 2 events a quarter where members learn, network and have fun.
Salesforce MVP
Salesforce MVP, from Jul 2016 - Mar 2020
I am proud and humbled to be honored with the Salesforce MVP title, awarded to community members for their expertise, generosity, leadership and advocacy. This is a unique opportunity given to around 250 members which is 0.0001 of 3 million (approx) developers and admins in the community. I was honored to be part of the July 2016 MVP Class among some amazing trailblazers and have been renewed every year since then. Being a part of the MVP community gives me a number of ways to give back to the community that has always lent me a helping hand in more ways than one.
India Dreamin
Co-founder, from Apr 2017 - present
Noida, India
Inspired by Midwest Dreamin’,we wanted to bring to the Indian ecosystem h an event that offers global exposure for the attendees. This was designed as an event which can host developers, admins, customers, Salesforce employees and students. It ended up becoming the largest Salesforce community driven event across the globe. We had two editions so far in years 2017 and 2018 and are well on the way towards planning for an equal, if not more exciting next edition.
TrailheadX India 19, Bengaluru, India
19 - 20 December 2019

TrailheaDX India was a paid learning event full of two incredible days of learning, connecting, having fun and giving back. This event was joined by 1500+ Salesforce enthusiast to attend sessions, keynotes, breakouts and get hands-on with Salesforce product experts at demos, workshops, mini-hacks and more. This was the first TrailheadX event in India. I was glad and honored to be one of the speakers. I was also glad to see one of my best mentees to be awarded the Golden hoodie.

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Dreamforce 19, San Francisco, USA
November 19-22,2019

Dreamforce is the largest technology event held every year in San Francisco. Being a Salesforce MVP and CXO for a Salesforce platinum partner company, This event is very special to me. I got a chance to meet my MVP ohana and various CXOs of different companies, Senior Salesforce executives and a lot of my colleagues in the ecosystem.

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True North Dreamin Event 19
July 11-12,2019

True North Dreamin is a community-led event for Salesforce professionals, and for those who are interested in learning more about Salesforce. TND is a two-day event with multiple tracks of content, keynote speakers, networking, and an awesome Canadian time that one will not want to miss! TND is organized, run and delivered by people from within the Salesforce community.

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India Dreamin 18
December 1-2,2018

Being a proud co-founder of this event, this event is of the dreams which have come true. India Dreamin is a community-led, community-run event for professionals around Salesforce. This event has happened twice in India in the year 2017 and 2018. Put together by the vibrant Indian Salesforce community, this event is open for all Salesforce users who share a passion for innovation – developers, admins, partners, customers and students around the world.

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At Dreamforce 19, Trailblazer Community team kicked off Brunch Dreamin’ – an event where all the amazing Dreamin event leaders were invited under one roof for celebrating their success, networking, and fun. Being the founder of one of such events – India Dreamin’ -the largest community dreamin event in the world,  I recognize and applaud… More

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