NextGenTrailblazers Day

#NextGenTrailblazers Day is exclusively for Students and recent graduates who are building their careers to be part of the Salesforce Ecosystem. #NextGenTrailblazers is an initiative started by Vinay Chaturvedi and #NextGenTrailblazers Day is part of this initiative .#NextGenTrailblazers stands for Next Generation Trailblazers - The students who will be trailblazers in future. This day fully packed with a blend of interesting sessions and activities that help students journey to be great Salesforce Hires.

About NextGenTrailblazers

Over the last decade,I have been closely working with students with community initiatives like #SFDC4STUDENTS, #SALESFORCESHE4HER ,Students community involvement in India Dreamin and Salesforce initiatives such as #Trailhead4Students, #Journey2Salesforce, Regional Student Developer Group and College based student groups. In the current education system, there is a TechnoCommercial Demand gap which is resulting in lesser number of students and recents graduates making them Employable. With the vast learning and experience from such programs ,I have compiled this framework and structured it accordingly NextGenTrailblazers is definitely going to be the game changer for Students and recent Graduates. This initiative will act as a catalyst on how the graduates who are already in this journey of learning Salesforce can become great hires by helping them with guidance and powerful sessions and activities to help them bridge the gap between learning Salesforce and becoming Salesforce Employable.

NextGenTrailblazers Day is one of the initiative under this banner.

Announcements and Blogs

NextGenTrailblazers Day – The Inaugural Event Highlights

Thank you all students and recent graduates who attended NextGenTrailblazers Day – The Inaugural Event. For those who have attended nothing to worry, We have you covered, making sure that you are ready for attending the next event. Excited to share the launch of ‘ #NextGenTrailblazers Day ‘ – A #TrailblazerCommmunity initiative for Students and More...