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Trailblazer Community Conference Leader Spotlight – Manish Thaduri

At Dreamforce 19, Trailblazer Community team kicked off Brunch Dreamin’ – an event where all the amazing Dreamin event leaders were invited under one roof for celebrating their success, networking, and fun. Being the founder of one of such events – India Dreamin’ -the largest community dreamin event in the world,  I recognize and applaud the efforts placed by the Trailblazers who are converting dreams into realities and hence this inspired me to come up with the idea of sharing amazing stories of these trailblazers. I hope this blog series will help Salesforce Ohana know more about these events, their organizers, and the communities that they drive and support. Here is the blog interview of our second spotlight – Manish Thaduri –  Salesforce MVP and Co-organizer  – Singapore Dreamin’ the co-organizer of Singapore Salesforce Developer Group, a Blogger –  6X Salesforce Certified.  Salesforce Technical Architect & Consultant with 10+ years of experience in Salesforce technology.

Q. What event do you help run and what is your role in it?

Singapore Dreamin. I’m part of the core organizing team. 2020 was the inaugural edition of Singapore Dreamin. My role involved taking care of the overall execution of the event along with 6 other members of the core team. Singapore Dreamin. I’m part of the core organizing team. 2020 was the inaugural edition of Singapore Dreamin. My role involved taking care of the overall execution of the event along with 6 other members of the core team.

Q. What inspired you to start this event? 

Well, definitely all the Dreamin events around the world inspired us but that’s not enough to start one.  During a casual lunch meetup with Johan Yu (Salesforce MVP) in Singapore, he asked me “How about we start Dreamin event in Singapore?” I immediately said, “Yes, we should definitely do it.”  That’s how the conversation started, and after 8 months it ended up being a huge success.

Q. What have you learned from being a part of Singapore Dreamin’?

I co-run the Developer Group in Singapore. To me, Singapore Dreamin is a massive version of a regular Developer Group meetup.  The learned how to scale up events. Honestly, I personally didn’t believe that there’s scope for the Singapore Dreamin event considering the country’s lower Salesforce audience size.  But the interest from speakers, attendees, volunteers, and sponsors made the event a huge success. I learned to never underestimate anything or anyone. 

Q. Top 5 reasons why one should attend a Dreamin event?

My top 5 reasons are:

  1. Learn: The main motto of a Dreamin event is to “learn about Salesforce technology and learn how other Trailblazers, partners, and product experts use Salesforce to connect with their customers in a whole new way”.  
  2. Share Knowledge: What’s knowledge without sharing.  The Salesforce trailblazers share their success stories, best practices, tips & tricks, share their expertise on specific Salesforce products.  Be a speaker to share your knowledge and have a totally different experience attending a Dreamin event as a speaker.
  3. Network: Meet people of varied experience levels at Dreamin events.  CEOs to AwesomeAdmins, sponsors, customers, partners, salesforce executives – everyone comes to connect with each other personally face-to-face. 
  4. Experience Ohana/ Have Fun: Salesforce community is on a different level of affection.  Come join and experience the true meaning of Ohana in person.  Singapore Dreamin had lots of fun games – swag, vouchers, goodies to be won.
  5. Travel: While you attend a Dreamin event, you also learn the country’s culture and a chance to explore the places in the country.

Q. What has been your most memorable Dreamin experience to date?

I had some great experiences in Dreamin events especially from those who know me as ‘Manish Thaduri’ and not as the person behind the ‘sfdcfanboy’ blog.  In conversations during the events, they realize I’m sfdcfanboy and their instant admiration is nothing beyond comparison to me. For instance, I received this message a day before the SingaporeDreamin event from a Malaysian who was traveling to Singapore to attend the event.  It’s always great to hear from people in person about their thoughts on the work we do for the community, helps me a lot in taking their feedback to improvise.

Q. What type of event organizer are you?

1. The Natural – Calm under pressure

2. The Strategist – With an eye for details

3. The Wizard – Pulls off the impossible

4. The Trailblazer – Sets the trend

I’m more of a) The Natural – Calm under pressure.  While we were planning the first edition of Singapore Dreamin (2020), we had no clue how it would turn out to be.  We had many questions – How many attendees to expect? Do we have enough local quality speakers? Would speakers be willing to travel from overseas? Do we get enough Sponsors to even run the event? Do we get enough volunteers to support the event day? But never did I panic.  I’m sure everyone who wants to start an event like this would have the same questions. My suggestion is – Do take guidance from other Dreamin event organizers, personalize to your country’s culture, trust your instincts but also remember ‘don’t underestimate the power of Salesforce community’  – there’s the whole Ohana to help you succeed.

Q. Any details you want to share specifically about your event?

When I did the closing notes of the Singapore Dreamin 2020 event, as a final statement, I asked the audience “Do you want Singapore Dreamin 2021?”. And everyone shouted a big resounding “YES!!”.  That ‘yes’ still reverberates in my ears to date and motivates me to continue doing Singapore Dreamin!

I hope you enjoyed reading amazing story of ‘Manish Thaduri’!

If you help to organize a Dreamin event and I have not reached out to you yet for this series, please message me on twitter.

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