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Trailblazer Community Conference Leader Spotlight – J-Michel Mougeolle

At Dreamforce 19, Trailblazer Community team kicked off Brunch Dreamin’ – an event where all the amazing Dreamin event leaders were invited under one roof for celebrating their success, networking, and fun. Being the founder of one of such events – India Dreamin’ -the largest community dreamin event in the world,  I recognize and applaud the efforts placed by the Trailblazers who are converting dreams into realities and hence this inspired me to come up with the idea of sharing amazing stories of these trailblazers. I hope this blog series will help Salesforce Ohana know more about these events, their organizers, and the communities that they drive and support. If you help to organize a Dreamin event and I have not reached out to you yet for this series, please message me on twitter. Here is the Trailblazer Community Conference Leader Spotlight – J-Michel Mougeolle. You can reach out to J-Michel Mougeolle here

Q. What event do you help run and what is your role in it?

The Dreamin event I help to run is French Touch Dreamin which takes place in France in Paris since 2016.
I’m one of the founders and in charge of communication, relationship with Sponsors, with Salesforce, and the venue. Also getting the budget works to make the event as great as expected. And working with the Keynote speakers to secure their participation and find with them the most inspiring way to deliver on stage.

Q. What inspired you to start this event? 

I’ve been to a lot of Salesforce events worldwide. Of course Dreamforce and World Tours. But also some amazing dreamin events such as Tahoe Dreamin or Midwest Dreamin, both as speakers and sponsors.
Everything started in London.
Almost all the French Touch Dreamin founders were at the first edition of London’s Calling. We had a discussion with both Erica Kuhl and Peter Coffee about making the same kind of event in Paris and decided to give it a try and announce it at the end of the event day.
It was a crazy challenge but we were all on the same wavelength about creating something for the European community in Paris and to bring this experience to the french community as well.

Q. What have you learned from being a part of  French Touch Dreamin?

First of all, we are still learning each day, and even more while working as a team to make this kind of event take place.
It looks more often as a family reunion to organize than a commercial event. And everyone wants to help.
That’s not all the time easy to find the time to work on it, but everyone is open to arranging its agenda for free in order to make the magic happen.

Q. Top 5 reasons why one should attend a Dreamin event?

  1. Networking! meeting people, partners, speakers, even the ones you already know online, meeting face to face is always better!
  2. Learning: Not only from the talks but also from the sponsors offers and from the discussion you may have all-around before and after the event as well
  3. Sharing: Dreamin events are the best to give back in many ways. Your knowledge, your experience, your time, there are many options to share. And find it very valuable. And you don’t need to be an expert to share and make someone learn and grow from it.
  4. Being Inspired: You will meet and talk to people with an incredible experience. And most of the time (all the time at French Touch Dreamin) you will have one or two Keynotes to be inspired by incredible Ohana members!
  5. Travel: yes, the community is incredible, and the worldwide community is plenty of adventures to live

Q. What has been your most memorable Dreamin experience to date?

The first seconds of French Touch Dreamin, with all the founders on stage, singing, dancing on California Dreamin’ – it was such a fun moment (I’m pretty sure we can still find a video of this somewhere…)

Q. What type of event organizer are you?

1. The Natural – Calm under pressure

2. The Strategist – With an eye for details

3. The Wizard – Pulls off the impossible

4. The Trailblazer – Sets the trend

I hope I’m all those!I’m definitely very calm behind the curtain and try to make the impossible by running everywhere when needed. But I try to let all the event team members make things together and bring what is more accurate or challenge their own character by pushing the limits. I hope I’m an innovator always trying to be creative and help magic things to happen!

Q. Any details you want to share specifically about your event?

It’s a strange time to talk about Dreamin events now with COVID and seeing all the events canceled or postponed. We know that the next event will be held in Paris again and we will make it very french one more time. The current date for the event is the 20th of September.
You can expect very inspiring keynotes, great french food and beverage, and a lot of fun with the worldwide Ohana in Paris!

I hope you enjoyed reading Trailblazer Community Conference Leader Spotlight – J-Michel Mougeolle

If you help to organize a Dreamin event and I have not reached out to you yet for this series, please message me on twitter.

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