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Trailblazer Community Conference Leader Spotlight – Ines Garcia

At Dreamforce 19, Trailblazer Community team kicked off Brunch Dreamin’ – an event where all the amazing Dreamin event leaders were invited under one roof for celebrating their success, networking, and fun. Being the founder of one of such events – India Dreamin’ -the largest community dreamin event in the world,  I recognize and applaud the efforts placed by the Trailblazers who are converting dreams into realities and hence this inspired me to come up with the idea of sharing amazing stories of these trailblazers. I hope this blog series will help Salesforce Ohana know more about these events, their organizers, and the communities that they drive and support. Here is the blog interview of our third spotlight – Ines Garcia.

As an Agile Coach & a Salesforce MVP, Ines Garcia helps organizations to become more agile whilst delivering Salesforce. From Sales, Service, Communities, App, Marketing, Pardot, Analytics, Social Studio, you name it!

Ines Garcia is on a mission to increase productivity, transparency & collaboration with an Agile mindset and empowering business to evolve digitally at a scale. She is currently a collaborator of, Salesforce MVP, Trailblazer Community, Mentorship Central, dreamin’ event,, and here one of her latest inventions –

Q. What event do you help run and what is your role in it?

At the end of 2016, Carolina Ruiz got in contact to organize Salesforce Community-Led event in the Iberian Peninsula, and I’m up for anything! This is because I find myself in a very lucky place and love is to be shared. And this year will be our 4th edition.

Q. What inspired you to start this event? 

To me, dreamOle, in a sense, is a nomad event. I’ve defined myself as a digital nomad and highly involved with the international community, for example over 12 years ago I’ve moved to London to what should have been 4 weeks has become a place to call home.

For dreamOle we set up and registered as a nonprofit organization, we are a community of users that get together to share events, education, and support in Spain. Our mission is to increase awareness, teach skills, and inspire others to build their careers on the Salesforce platform.

I truly believe that with dreamOle we have a great opportunity to bridge the gap between the huge unemployment rate and the job prediction from the Salesforce Economy; with very capable professionals and upcoming workforce that we have in the Iberian peninsula.

Although this year we repeat the first edition city, I’d like to move the city, year on year, helping to expand this awesome ecosystem across the territory. And is not only that but a great opportunity for a fair share of the economy.

Q. What have you learned from being a part of dreamOle?

One can’t do it alone, and that what matters the most are the attendees and the stories derived from being part of it. That to me is the source, the reason being, the ones that actually make it year on year, is their event.

Q. Top 5 reasons why one should attend a Dreamin event?

Learn from – from Evangelists, Technical Architects, Expert Developers, Awesome Admins, Consultants, Change Leaders… learn from each other.

The content is honest and can be very deep, something that is not often found in commercial events. So get back home with tons of tangible actions you can crack on with the next day at work.

Fantastic opportunity to broaden your circle of connections in the Trailblazer Community.

I love traveling so for me it is a wonderful way to discover the world one bit and bite at the time!

Even better if you get involved with the local community some have activities to give back, something which I hope will continue growing so that we can contribute to a sustainable future.

Q. What has been your most memorable Dreamin experience to date?

Ohhh, don’t make me choose! So I will mention my last adventure which was Japan Dreamin, so wonderful to meet with the community there, being able to share some of my knowledge and learn from others. Not only that but culture is fantastic, people are great and the food is delicious! 

Also this time, I took the opportunity to take all in all a month off and travel around Hokkaido. As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “there is more to life than increasing its speed”.

Q. What type of event organizer are you?

1. The Natural – Calm under pressure

2. The Strategist – With an eye for details

3. The Wizard – Pulls off the impossible

4. The Trailblazer – Sets the trend

Haha, I’m not a big fan of labels, we all are unique and have a diverse mix of skills, interests, experience, etc. So I’d say, I thrive getting things done, bringing ideas, wanting to deliver a different flavor of the event, really interested to offer tangible content to put into action and opportunity for attendees to get to know each other. Oh and food! Take the time to stick around for extra mingle and city discovery!

Q. Any details you want to share specifically about your event?

DreamOlé website:

DreamOlé Twitter page: @dreamole__c

Hope you enjoyed reading!

If you help to organize a Dreamin event and I have not reached out to you yet for this series, please message me on twitter.

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