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Trailblazer Community Conference Leader Spotlight – Amit Chaudhary

At Dreamforce 19, Trailblazer Community team kicked off Brunch Dreamin’ – an event where all the amazing Dreamin event leaders were invited under one roof for celebrating their success, networking, and fun. Being the founder of one of such events – India Dreamin’ -the largest community dreamin event in the world,  I recognize and applaud the efforts placed by the Trailblazers who are converting dreams into realities and hence this inspired me to come up with the idea of sharing amazing stories of these trailblazers. I hope this blog series will help Salesforce Ohana know more about these events, their organizers, and the communities that they drive and support.Here is the blog interview of our fourth spotlight – Amit Chaudhary

Q. What event do you help run and what is your role in it?

I am one of the co-founders of virtual dreamin event. My role involved taking care of the overall execution of the event along with 2 other founders and 5 advisor core teams. My primary duties include connecting with sponsorships, managing the relationship with other community groups, planning the logistics of the event and finalizing the sessions. Will also play one role as Host.

Q. What inspired you to start this event? 

We have been to various Dreamin events over the years and every Dreamin event in its way has blown up our mind on how fantabulous and useful those sessions are? We are co-organizers of remote events like Apex Hours, Automation hours, and Path To Code. All these events got fantastic responses from various parts of the globe because it can be attended by anyone from anywhere. This Idea and the huge response from the audience on how convenient it is to join conferences or remote meetings inspired the idea of First Salesforce Virtual Dreamin.

Q. What have you learned from being a part of  Virtual Dreamin?

I have been doing virtual events in Apex Hours for the last 3 years. But trust me managing that big event is not that easy. Every day we are learning new things. 

Q. Top 5 reasons why one should attend Virtual Dreamin event?

I created one blog post of the same which includes 8 reasons to join us. Here is the detail :-

  1. Join from Anywhere: A virtual event can overcome the limitations of brick and mortar events. You can connect with hundreds of people simultaneously from anywhere in the world. 
  2. No Need to Travel: No flight delays, security checks, or weather delays. If it’s a virtual event, you can join from the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is an internet-capable device with audio and visual capabilities and an internet connection.
  3. Quality Speakers: There are highly talented and inspiring speakers out there and getting those speakers can be impacted by the logistics of travel, budget, and time. No more geographical barriers. Since you can join these events from anywhere, means you are going to reach more participants and speakers.
  4. It’s Free and 24 hours: Virtual Dreamin is free. Registration is now open for the World’s First Salesforce Virtual Dreamin event on May 16-17, 2020. Register here . This event is a 24 hours event means you can join this from the Timezone of your country.
  5. 3 Tracks running at the same time: Three Track of sessions which include Admin, Devs & Architect. These tracks also include Hands-On Training (HoT), WIT, and App Demo Jam. A Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is the pinnacle credential anyone can hold in the Salesforce ecosystem. You can say, they are rare to find in the Salesforce ecosystem like unicorns. However, we are grateful & honored that 6 CTA’s are taking time from their busy schedule and sharing knowledge with us.

Q. What has been your most memorable Dreamin experience to date?

We are still waiting for that 🙂 

Q. What type of event organizer are you?

1. The Natural – Calm under pressure

2. The Strategist – With an eye for details

3. The Wizard – Pulls off the impossible

4. The Trailblazer – Sets the trend

The Natural – Calm under pressure:  As we are planning the World First Virtual Dreamin. As this is the biggest International event,  I have lots of open questions. But as a team we never did panic. I am really glad to work with Jitendra Zaa, Rakesh Gupta , Abhinav Gupta, Carlos Siquira, Maria Belli, Mike Martin, Sergey Erlikh.


Q. Any details you want to share specifically about your event?

Stay connected on for a more exciting announcement. 

Hope you enjoyed reading!

If you help to organize a Dreamin event and I have not reached out to you yet for this series, please message me on twitter.

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