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Success Community – Featured Groups & Group Landing Pages

Let us explore new Featured Groups & Group Landing Pages!!

A new enhancement in our success community was made live on 05/09/2015..Just before the Dreamforce Week.

To All the fans of Success Community this is an awesome announcement..We have new Pages for features groups and Group Landing Pages available!!

Success Community Featured Groups brings most vibrant official groups up front and center.These Group collections include: Product, Customer Success, User Groups, Dreamforce, and more.

Success Community Group Landing Pages are available now which requires no authentication to view them,New and prospective members can  can see at-a-glance what the group is all about.

Here is our new look available for our Noida User Group .This is really Awesome!!

How you navigate?

To access,just go to  Success Community and select featured groups option as shown here:Success Comunity Navigation Page


Or simply go to FeaturedGroups


How to Find your group you are interested?

Once you are here: FeaturedGroups,you can just select any of the options below ,For example,I have selected All User Groups by Region and then

selected India region




Hurray we are here then :


Did you see how easy  and awesome these new features are ?

Thanks to Salesforce for what they do for us!!