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Salesforce Success Community- Celebrating 2 Million Members

Salesforce Success Community  has recently crossed 2 Million Members! Awesome Achievement!!

Salesforce will be celebrating on February 22nd and the official hashtag/topic is #Success2M,So keep an eye on it, tweet and share 🙂

To contribute to the celebration,With help of Claudio Castro (Manager, Salesforce  Community),I am here with this very short blog series-“Salesforce Success Community- Celebrating 2 Million Members “.I will be posting the next blog soon..

I checked with few community members and asked them to share their feelings for this amazing community and what they said  is worth 2 Millions  🙂

I have been an end user for years, but really only started Amy Campbellrelying on the Success Community in the last 6-8 months. I go there daily for help!! I love that I am able  to communicate with not only my group, but other SFDC UG Leaders, MVP’s and users from around the world.

One Liner for Success Community –Together, everyone achieves more!  

Amy Campbell (Twitter | LinkedIn)



“I am a technology enthusiast who has spent 20 years in technology Daniel B Probertin a variety of roles. The last 4 years I have been working for an NFP on Salesforce. During my time with them I have come to appreciate the power of the platform and am a strong advocate for all NFP’s moving to Salesforce.

I joined the success community having been an active member of the developer community in 2015. My aim when I joined was to try and off support and guidance to others like the developer community has done for me, whilst also gaining experience. I have set a new year’s resolution(2016) to try and visit the community once a day and answer a min of 5 questions. This is my give back to the community that has enabled my success with Salesforce over the past 4 years.

The success community is the perfect platform to enable me and others to continue our technical development and understanding of Salesforce. #Success2M ”

Daniel B Probert(Twitter)


“I am working in SHAW ACADEMY as a Salesforce Developer.abhilasha singh I have two certifications- Salesforce Certified Dev 401 and Platform App Builder and am leading Indian WIT User group . I have been on Success Community since 2012. I connect with the mvp’s and all the peoples who worked on Salesforce. I join different user groups , share my ideas and blog posts  and learn from their blog posts and ideas as well. 

Success community is a great place to connect with all other ‘Salesforcians’.Salesforce community provides its customers with a rich platform to help themselves and others thereby transforming the work place.I really loved the success community.

Abhilasha Singh(Twitter | Linked In | Blog)



“I am  Project Manager at Arkus, Inc. and passionate Salesforce advocate.

Peter WhiteMy participation in the Success Community started in 2009 when Salesforce first came into my radar, signing up was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. Immediately upon  logging on and reviewing the posts, I knew it was a special place, unlike the many other technical forums I have frequented over the years. The welcoming energy made me feel comfortable and the high level of participation assured me that the adoption rate was high – I felt that I could ask for help or comment on a post without being judged and could expect to receive a timely response. 

Success Community is An awesome gathering place for knowledge sharing that feels like home.

Peter White (Twitter )



“I have been involved in the community since 2010.  Because of where I live Pat Solumthere was no local community when I started, no user group .  There simply was nobody else here.  The Success Community was my lifeline!  Now I give back by supporting others in helping them run amazing user groups, mentoring and through our blog. 

The Success Community is the key to success for many users, admins and developers.

 –Patrick Solum (Twitter | Linked In | FaceBook | Blog)