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Salesforce Success Community – Celebrating 2 Million Members (Part 4)

Salesforce Success Community  has recently crossed 2 Million Members! Awesome Achievement!!

Salesforce will be celebrating on February 22nd and the official hashtag/topic is #Success2M,So keep an eye on it, tweet and share 🙂

To contribute to the celebration,With help of Claudio Castro (Manager, Salesforce  Community),I am here with this very short blog series-“Salesforce Success Community- Celebrating 2 Million Members “.I will be posting the next blog soon..

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I checked with few community members and asked them to share their feelings for this amazing community and what they said  is worth 2 Millions  🙂


I am 5x Certified, Salesforce MVP and Leader of Kelly Bentubo the Charlotte User Group.

I’ve been a member of the Salesforce Community since before 2013, when the formal Success Community first rolled out.  Before that, User Group Leaders were on a separate Org and it was very difficult to network and collaborate with other groups and even with our own group members.  Having the ability to learn from another Group Leader or members with a completely different background than my own, has really allowed me to fast-track my learning and accelerate my professional growth within Salesforce.

Success Community is THE PLACE for sharing and discovering all things Salesforce!  It’s what makes our Community so powerful and so great!

-Kelly Bentubo(Twitter | Blog)


I am Julija Varneckiene from Lithuania, Baltics, Europe. I have 8+ years experience in CRM sphere, both responsible for strategy and IT solutions.Julija

I am with Success Community from December 2015, so just a few months of incredible experience. Lot‘s of professionals that dedicate their time to grow your satisfaction with SFDC.

 In few words: it‘s the fastest community that helps to find the best solutions and solve out of the box cases that arise in a very short time

-Julija Varneckienė(LinkedIn | Success Community)


I am 4x Salesforce Certified and currently workingRyan Lorenzen as a Salesforce Administrator at PayPal.

I’ve been active in the Success Community for about 5 years.  Starting with my local user group, Twitter, and more recently, spending a lot of time on the Answers board.  The community has been crucial to my development and success as a Salesforce Admin.  I’m more in a giving back mode now to help newer members succeed. 

I believe owes a lot of its success to the community.  It’s enabled exponential growth of its users, which has a huge impact on the value that its customers are getting.

-Ryan Lorenzen (Twitter | Blog)


I am a Denver girl, living in Southern California, completely Melinda Smithenamored with Salesforce. A Trailhead Devotee and Admin/Dev Certified.

I became really involved in the success community when I heard about Girly Geeks & wanted to find a chapter. From there I began my own chapter & my involvement went from occasional to constant.  The position I hold at my company came from a Girly Geeks/WIT member that passed my info to a recruiter that she knew.  My current role, career path & sheer happiness has solely come from the success community.

To know your community, is to love your community

-Melinda Smith(Twitter | LinkedIn)


I’m a technologist at heart, a passionate Salesforce professional Cynthia Saalfeldhelping others to be successful in the platform.  I co-lead the Marin County Salesforce UG and I’m the author of the Salesforce Ambassador blog.

I have been part of the Success Community Family since September 2014.  I recognize the Success Community members as part of my extended family.  It is a very nurturing place where you can build relationships with someone local or foreign, it’s also a spot where you are able to ask questions, learn and help others.  I’m very passionate about Salesforce and the community is the essence of the Salesforce ecosystem.

The Success Community is the passport of love and the path to success for everyone who embraces it!

-Cynthia Saalfeld (Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog)


I am Certified developer and Salesforce Pritam Shekawatcertified Administrator .

I have been on the success community since I became a Salesforce developer at my company in August 2014 and I don’t have senior support there so while searching for solution I came to know about this #awesome community.From that day onwards,I started using Success Community to solved out my issue.Most important thing which I like about

Salesforce is giving back. So I Started actively participating on Success Community from more than past 1 year approximately. I  connect with some most #awesome people(David Liu, Steve Mo, Jeff, Geofferey, Mayank,Atul,Jeniffer,Vinay) while contributing to community and selfishly, when I give my time and energy to others, I just feel better — about myself and my community.

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the significance of giving back. Posting a question in Salesforce success community gives you feeling like similar to “Don’t worry: You are in safe hands

-Pritam Shekhawat (Twitter | LinkedIn | Community | Blog)


I am 24 years young, currently living in Berlin after having moved Till Klotzfrom Boston, where I lived for 2 years (and where I got to know Salesforce). I have been working as a Salesforce Administrator and Developer since 2014, starting with large enteprise consulting and now implementation services for Startups in Europe at EMPAUA. My positions range from Project Manager and Implementation Specialist to “Sales Engineer”. All of them have the best individual solution for our customers in the focus.

I have been an actively answering Success Community Member for only 1.5 months now. Since December I have answered more than 400 questions which were varying strongly in complexity: From the entry level do-it-yourselfer to the experienced Salesforce Admin, everybody comes together and contributes through Questions, Answer, Ideas, Comments, Likes and Reviews. Within the Success Community, the Questions from the Community Members helped to broaden and subsequently share my knowledge of Salesforce, as well as learning new best practices from the amazing Idea, Answer and Review Community contributors.

The Success Community is an extremely elaborated and sophisticated virtual space with the talented and knowledgeable people to have open discourse about SFDC and the many great functionalities it offers.

-Till Klotz(Twitter | LinkedIn)


I am a native Bostonian, Salesforce 3X certified, Trailhead addict,Jennifer Lee Salesforce enthusiast and blogger.Proud member of the Success Community since 2011. 

It wasn’t until 2015 when I really became active in the community responding to some of the question postings and responding to posts, sharing posts with others, and sharing my knowledge with others in the various success community groups. Previously, I was more of a consumer of the information provided by others. If I have an issue or have a question, I know I can always count on others in the community to help out. My go to for SF questions is Google, the Community and lastly, Salesforce support. Success Community is my second family. No question is stupid. No judgment. Much Success Community love. 

The Success Community is a place where people are always willing to help others and where you can find others, like you, who are passionate about Salesforce.

-Jennifer Lee(Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog)


I run Inbound marketing at Apttus, a Salesforce partner. ZA HeadshotSpend most of my time writing blog posts, white papers thought leadership pieces around Quote-to-Cash, Salesforce, digital transformation and cloud technology. Outside of the ecosystem I enjoy reading, movies, and travelling.

I’ve been on the Success Community for 2 years now. I love the wealth of knowledge available within the ecosystem. I’m a member of the @[The Blog Group] and enjoy reading all of the bloggers different articles. I’m constantly learning new things from all of the writers.

Success Community is A Place to Cloud-Source Knowledge

-Zack Alspaugh(Twitter | LinkedIn )