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Salesforce Success Community – Celebrating 2 Million Members (Part 3)

Salesforce Success Community  has recently crossed 2 Million Members! Awesome Achievement!!

Salesforce will be celebrating on February 22nd and the official hashtag/topic is #Success2M,So keep an eye on it, tweet and share ūüôā

To contribute to the celebration,With help of Claudio Castro (Manager, Salesforce¬† Community),I am here with this very short blog series-“Salesforce Success Community- Celebrating 2 Million Members “.I will be posting the next blog soon..

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I checked with few community members and asked them to share their feelings for this amazing community and what they said ¬†is worth 2 Millions ¬†ūüôā


I am a 6x Certified Salesforce professional, helping Mike Martin Appirio customers get the most value from their salesforce implementation as a Client Partner.  I am the Indianapolis Salesforce User Group Leader, and a Salesforce MVP.

I joined the Success Community as soon as I heard about it!  I became active when the User Group program moved all communication to the Success Community a few years ago.  The success community is an awesome way to stay in touch with Salesforce professionals from around the world, especially my local user group, and the great crew of User Group Leaders!

Success Community is the Best Community!

-Mike Martin (Twitter | LinkedIn)


I am a Sr System Admin for FIS.  I am based in Chicago. Michelle Seufert When I am not busy with Salesforce, you can find me running along the lake shore or competing in a half marathon race.

I have been on the success community since it started as I have been an Admin for 7yrs.  The success community is the place to go for quick answers or new ideas.  The knowledge sharing is incredible.  The success community is very valuable and is a lifesaver for me as a Salesforce Admin. 

The success community is a gold mine of knowledge and ideas! 

-Michelle Seufert (Twitter)


I joined Success community in the year of 2013.Sindoora GIts almost 3+years of journey with the community. In this journey, i learned how much it costs when we help in solving other sfdc folks problem. I gave my time to the community in return i got noticed by many sfdc folks and got opportunity to take part in reviewing the books written by MVP’s.

The best thing happened in my career, is to be a part of community and I’m ambitious about it.

-Sindoora Gopagoni(Twitter | LinkedIn | FaceBook )


I’ve been a Salesforce System Administrator for a healthcare company for 5 years now.Jeremy Metzler

I’ve used the Success Community for 3+ years. I’ve received invaluable help from the community and I enjoy returning the favor when I can.

A  place where you can go to get answers when your back is against the ropes.

-Jeremy Metzler (Twitter | LinkedIn)


I’ve been on the Success Community for over five years now, Michael Slawnikbut I only started being active about two years ago. My primary interactions are with the nonprofit user groups, as a co-leader of the Traverse City group and member of the Michigan group, but I also am active on other groups. I’m primarily interested in topics around workflow and other automation and “clicks-not-code” solutions, both as a learner and a contributor.¬†

The Community is an amazing place to collaborate with other Salesforce users, both to provide and receive advice and information on how to get the most out of your investment.

-Michael Slawnik (Twitter | LinkedIn)


I am the sole Salesforce administrator, responsible for the daily operation of Salesforce Jessika Botrufffor our users. I am highly involved in incorporating new processes and finding efficiencies for current processes 

 I have been a part of the Salesforce community since 2007.  I visit the community daily. You never know what questions may be out there, whether you just observe or engage in answering.  I have a goal for myself to try to engage in the Community in some way each day;by either commenting on a post, answering a question or adding my own post to engage with others.

Our Community is #1 place to connect with MVPs, get your questions answered, and pay it forward to help others.

-Jessika Botruff (Twitter | LinkedIn)


It has been 7 years that I started working with SFDC. sandeep gaddamCurrently I am working as a Salesforce technical architect in Brazil with one of Salesforce Partner Company. I always tell to others that I am one of the few lucky ones in life who get to work with what they love.

Until last month, I have contributed by teaching salesforce to others and now I started participating in success community from about a month time. I have decided to give couple of hours every day to contribute to the communities. I can tell you that by doing so I am learning many new things every day.

Our Community is the Revolutionary way to collaborate with tones of people who share same passion. Eat,pray and love Salesforce.To define in one word: eximious

-Sandeep Gaddam (Twitter | LinkedIn | Community URL)


I am the Enterprise CRM Manager at Priority Health Annie Shek-Masonand have been on the Salesforce platform for 5 years and 3x certified. I also have been a user group leader for Detroit User Group and Detroit Area Women In Tech. Currently, I am supporting the launch of a few new user groups in Grand Rapids. Cheer me on!

I have been on the success community for 5 years. By meeting and learning from so many people, it has catapulted my career from system admin to implementation consultant to a enterprise CRM manager. I give back to the community by releasing weekly blog posts of our success community member’s bios and mentor others where I can. I hope that these small actions encourage current members to continue to develop their careers or inspire those who aren’t yet salesforcers to consider and start a career on the platform.

The Success Community is where you go for knowledge, support, and a whole lot of fun.

-Annie Shek (Twitter | LinkedIn)