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Noida Salesforce User Group TrailheaDX Review Party

Noida Salesforce User Group  organized another successful event on 2nd July 2016 Saturday – Noida Salesforce User Group Event TrailheaDX Review Party

First  of All I would like to thank our Noida a year one for Noida User GroupSalesforce User Group members for
such an awesome support and making this event a huge success !This was our 5th event and We have now almost 235+ members celebrating 1st year Anniversary  for our group!

I also want to thank Holly Goldin,Molly Masterson who helped me starting this wonderful group.Also great thanks to Alex Pisani and Sofia for being such supportive !

Thanks to Adam Olshansky for all the ideas you provided for #TrailheaDX Event.

Here is a video by Nitesh Mishra (our group member ) sharing highlights from our previous events:

Since it was a party and NOT a session,We kept the agenda pretty much informal.


02:00 PM – 02:30 PM – Registration! Welcome!Wear Your Tees
02:30 PM – 03:15 PM – 1 year Success & SF Community Awareness by Vinay
03:15 PM – 03:45 PM – #TrailheaDX Recap by Viyom Jain
03:45 PM – 04:30 PM – Open Session/Talks
04:30 PM – 05:00 PM – Lunch Time
05:00 PM – 05:30 PM – Selfies/Group Pics,Swags for Winners

#TrailheaDX Re-Viewing Party

We were not able to do it a View Party as it was on 7th June (a Week after We did #SFIndiaTour Event).Many thanks to Jessica Langston and the #TrailheaDX team for arranging such an awesome swags for the members 🙂
Also thanks to the team for providing  TrailheadX sessions and agenda happened here.To feel the party,We arranged this event in a forest theme restaurant –Walk In the Woods

We kicked off the #TrailheaDX Review by Viyom with this video just like how #TrailheaDX live started:

This time and for the future we made a thumb rule that We will allow only those people who would be registered and would have  an entry ticket with them.
Their registration ticket would be valid only if they have two other main point done :

  • Attendee should  be member of Noida User Group at Success Community.
  • You should have updated profile at success community.

We want users to have there profile updated and make more awareness among them for the usage of Success Community.Also from this time We have planned this to be a thumb rule for events going forward.

Our Presenters

Viyom Jaincropped-Vinay-Pic.jpg





I started with a “THANK YOU” note for a successful year.Again I thank everyone in  this journey with me to help us build an awesome community here at Noida.Special thanks to Salesforce and Erica Kuhl for bringing up such an awesome community framework which brought us all together!

Then to the second part,I started talking about Salesforce Community Awareness focusing mainly viyomon the importance and usage of Success Community,Twitter and User Groups.

Viyom Jain (CRM Practice Director at Nagarro) was able to attend this awesome event live and shared
the event details along with the key points what happened at Salesforce TrailheaDX event.Thank You Viyom for such an awesome collection you shared with us.

We also had Radhika Bansal as a guest from Pune WIT Group.She was in the area for some personal work and thought of attending the event.Thank you Radhika for visiting us!

TrailheaDX Theme in Noida UG

What We did this time special was to arrange a theme similar to #TrailheaDX theme.We were able to find a restaurant not too far which was a forest theme restaurant – Walk in the Woods .This idea emerged from a discussion with Abhinav Gupta a couple of days back at gurgaon salesforce developer meetup.There are some awesome collection of pics you would love at our Facebook Page here:

This was an event organized by Noida Salesforce User Group .

Posted by Noida Trailblazer Community on Saturday, July 2, 2016


Since it was a featured #TrailheaDX event,We got a lot of swags from Salesforce.TShirts,Bottles and the party swags along with a banner.Loved the swags !


For past events,We always had Pizza!But for a change,We planned lunch in forest style 🙂



Our Sponsors

SFcloudsTechnologies had sponsored lunch at the venue.Special thanks to them for sponsoring us for second time and helping us the spreading word about the event 🙂

SFCLouds                                                                                         Thank You !!


What’s Next?

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PS: Are you not a User Group Member yet?Make sure you read this – Why should you join a User Group in 2016?. Thanks to Jodi Wagner for sharing this !