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NextGenTrailblazers Day Challenge – Chance To Win Free Certification Voucher

Introducing NextGenTrailblazers TrailMix Challenge to Win Free Certification Vouchers

I am excited to announce that We have Trailmix Challenge for you If you are attending NextGenTrailblazers Day on 24th May 2020. Below are more details about it :

What is the Trailmix Challenge and how do you win a Certification Voucher?

You can enter the challenge till 19th May 2020 and we will be announcing 10 Winners on the 24th May 2020- Day of the event.

Based on your career path, You can go either for Admin Trailmix or Developer Trailmix Challenge. We have not created any Trailmixes , Salesforce Trailblazer Connect team has prepared 2 Trailmix tracks both for Admin and Developer Career and we are leveraging the same.

Here are both Trailmixes :

Developer Trailmix:

Admin Trailmix:

You need to finish at least 3 trail mixes either Admin or Developer starting from trail mix 1 in the sequence to enter the challenge. Check out Eligible Criteria for eligibility criteria.

How to Enter the Challenge?

Please fill this short form and get started. Please refer to the Eligibility Criteria below.

Eligibility Criteria :

  1. You should have RSVPed for the event here.
  2. Make sure you have submitted this  form
  3. You should have either Trailmix 1 or Trailmix 2 or Trailmix 3 less than 50% before you submit this form. So if you have finished Trrailmix 1 for example and you are still on the range on less than 50% on Trailmix 2, attach a screenshot for Trailmix 2
  4. Do not stop after finishing 3 trail mixes, Go ahead and finish them all. The minimum no of trailmixes is 3.However, We will be selecting the top 10 aspirants based on the number of trail mixes they finish after they enter the challenge. So for example, you complete 3 trailmixes you enter the possibility to win the certification vouchers but we will be selecting the top 10 candidates who have finished the maximum number of trailmixes .
  5. This initiative is only for Students and Recent Graduates.
  6. Once you complete at least three trailmixes before 21 May 2020 11:55 PM IST , You should tweet it out tagging @vinayforce and hashtag #NextGenTrailblazers with the screenshot of all three trail mix complete (3 separate images ). Once you do that Please send me the twitter link over telegram or email along with your name, email id, and trailhead URL.

A big Thanks to the Trailblazer Connect team for providing us free vouchers.

Have Questions?

If you are a student or recent graduate, Please join the telegram group of #NextGenTrailblazers here and We would be happy to answer any query on this platform.

Next Steps for Students who have not RSVPed yet !

If you are a student or a recent graduate and if you have not RSVPed yet,

  1. Please ensure you do now to reserve your spot for limited seats here.
  2. Retweet and comment on this tweet and follow #NextGenTrailblazers Day on twitter and other social media.
  3. Please join our Telegram Group here.

Not a Student? Be A Multiplier

If you are not a student but would like to contribute we would love it! You can help in various ways. Few of the requests are listed below :
  1. Please retweet and comment on the announcement so that it reaches your network. Follow #NextGenTrailblazers Day for future updates.
  2. I am sure you know a lot of students who can be benefitted from this initiative, So please forward this telegram channel invite. Please remember this group is only for Students, So if you are a student, please join else share the invite to the student members
  3. Please share the invitation post over to other channels as well.
Also, If you want to help us in the initiative,  please fill in this form and We will get in touch with you.