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Dreamforce Outpost Event

Dreamforce Outpost Event – Noida salesforce User Group and Noida Student Salesforce Developer Group Celebrated another successful event on 5th October ‘2016, The Dreamforce Outpost | Dreamforce Viewing party with the awesome Salesforce community alongside with the Dreamforce 2016 taking place in San-Francisco, USA. It was fun everywhere and we got into the colors of Dreamforce. First of All I would like to thank our Group members for such an awesome support and making this event a huge success ! It’s the genuine excellence of Salesforce.

We experienced the thrill and excitement of being there in person, that was so Inspirational and motivating. Another Inspiration and Motivation came from the Kickoff video by “ERICA KUHL ( Vice President, Salesforce Community)” that boosted us up and everyone was on their toes for the Epic Celebration.


There were Awesome swags, food and drinks, interactions with fellow Trailblazers in the Salesforce community which was taken care by our Group Leader Vinay Chaturvedi who was reporting live from Moscone Center,San Francisco,USA. He came over to skype video Call multiple times for streaming live to connected us through to the Great Community Contributors like Eric Dreshfield , Amy Oplinger , Zachary Jeans Adam Olshansky and Shivanath Devinarayanan , they shared their Experiences about how it really feels being in Dreamforce, this was so amazing.

Here is the Agenda for the party:

09:30 PM – 01:30 AM    NO LIMIT FOR FUN !!!

As this was the Dreamforce Viewing Party so we were streaming live, also we Connected to the awesome Salesforce Community.

Vinay Chaturvedi Joined us from Moscone Center West, San Francisco, California, Live from USA, was acting like a reporter for us, brought community members over the Video call who then shared their experiences.

We never kept any specific agenda as such, but we made sure that THERE IS NO LIMIT FOR FUN.

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K e y n o t e s…

                            F u n…

                                          N e t w o r k i n g  !!!


Speakers : 


Vinay Chaturvedi


Our Guests who joined us over the Call:

eric               shiv

 Eric Dreshfield                                       Shivanath Devinarayanan


adam              amy

Adam Olshansky                                   Amy Oplinger



 Zachary Jeans


During the event we had multiple fillers and fun games to maintain the Excitement of the member which was taken care by Surbhi Narula, Pritam Shekhawat , Payal Agrawal , Sonika Tomar and Akash Mishra.

There were awesome swags arranged by Salesforce for the event to be distributed to the attendees, so we cannot stop sharing the pictures of the same. Special thanks to all from the bottom of our heart !!!

Here is the beautiful collection of swags from Salesforce:


Here are the winners of Rapid Fire Round:



Interaction with Shivanath Devinarayanan was the Highlight as he connected us through skype video call, and went through different places and multiple booths and event areas and showed us what’s happening all around Dreamforce.

Highlight Of Event – Hall Of Fame : 

First time we designed the hall of fame and every one was very motivated by seeing all the famous personalities of Salesforce at same place. There were a lot of story behind each personality of the Hall of fame. Every one was really inspired by the virtual presence of the all awesome community people together at the event.


Now is the Moment of the Party and we waited a long for it:

Keynotes by Marc Benioff CEO of Salesforce, There are no such words for us to explain what amount of motivation and Inspiration we got from him.



Welcome to Ohana! Welcome to our Family! Welcome back Home!

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein.

We stayed still, paused and intact from the start till the end of keynotes and everyone enjoyed it and we also enjoyed the special appearance from Salesforce Einstein.



Thanks to all the Salesforce Noida User Group and Noida Student Salesforce Developer Group members for making this event a huge success.

Special thanks and Gratitude for Vinay Chaturvedi, Shivanath Devinarayanan, Holly Goldin Firestone, Alex Pisani, Eric Dreshfield , Amy Oplinger , Zachary Jeans,Adam Olshansky for making this happen and helping us successful.

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