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Announcing Bhanu Dasgupta as NextGenTrailblazers Day Speaker

Introducing  Bhanu Dasgupta as #NextGenTrailblazers Day Speaker

Another exciting announcement for #NextGenTrailblazers Day Speaker line up – Bhanu Dasgupta – Manager, Talent Development, Salesforce

Bhanu Dasgupta is part of the most amazing team at Salesforce. She is tasked with preparing students and early job seekers for their future career in the Salesforce ecosystem that has projected over half-million jobs in India. She has been in this space for over a decade and has almost 2 decades of experience in the IT industry. She loves spending time with her family when she is not traveling on work and enjoys gardening.

Session Abstract – Career Readiness for Salesforce Ecosystem

As part of the Trailblazer Connect team, Bhanu will be sharing the nuts and bolts of the Career Readiness programs for India, how students and job seekers can earn credentials while learning, soft skills, mentorships from community members, career events to connect with hiring organizations in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

Do not miss a chance to hear from Bhanu Dasgupta on NextGenTrailblazers Day 🙂 

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