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AppExchange App Review Series (Part – 2)

AppExchange App Review Series Part – 2  is a  part of blog series  – AppExchange App Review Series which is inclined to help you in selection process for the reason I’ll try picking up & installing newly added applications randomly and provide you on-hands detailed information about work ability of that app  and prospects down the line.

Like there’s a different key to every lock, different solution to every problem and different opinion for every thought, in the same way there are many solutions to a given requirement.All we need to decide is which one best suites our requirement in terms of business possibilities, cost-effectiveness, usability, enhancements, efforts and prospects.

Salesforce provides widest range of products and applications which are already developed that might suite your requirement and help you in generating businesses out of it, all you need to diagnose is which application is much closer to match your requirement and how can you customize it accordingly.

There’s one “Suite” where all the answers to your problem resides, we call it “App-Exchange”. All applications that resides here are well tested and uniqueness is maintained on priority and with each application there’s a Functional Guide to help you get an insight about the app.

Here we have eight new apps this January 2016:

Application 1.

Name: SharperAx

Category: Paid  app.

Overview: SharperAx is a role-play automation system that uses webcams to help your sales and service teams master the selling stories they need to gain credibility, have compelling conversations and move customers and prospects to action.

  • Stop burning your Greenfields by ticking customers off with bad sales calls. Get and keep your sales team on message with an ongoing story program driven by SharperAx roleplay.
  • Make your new reps, new products and new messaging more successful by leveraging story workshops. Model great talk tracks and sales storytelling in digestible, bite sized pieces and make them easy to practice, coach and master with SharperAx.
  • Model what good looks like with webcams, screencasts and audio tracks so sales can add value in every format on every sales call and practice and coach its way to higher close rates.

From User’s Perspective

  • Easy to Install and Use.
  • SharperAx can really be helpful to the sales-reps with story workshops. This storytelling can really be useful and can even help the sales-reps closing the deals fast and smoothly.

Application 2.

Name: MyHelp App

Category: Free  app.

Overview: MyHelp app by Kredo Solutions is a native personalized search engine for related content, which provides side by side custom Google search results plus your Solutions object or Knowledge Article results. *Includes an offer for free support

  • Purpose built Google custom search engine for related content
  • Custom results from your own Solutions or Knowledge Articles side by side
  • Plus, you can open a free case for support through Kredo Solutions and receive help with your issue from a highly skilled team of admins, developers and architects (*subject to support plan. Free plan includes best-effort support)

From User’s Perspective

  • Easy to Install and Use.
  • Custom Search page that can help for searching articles available on Google about. Salesforce.
  • The Idea seems to be simple but on the other hand it is very useful.
  • We can view various knowledge articles available on Google server.
  • If the user cannot find what he is looking for he can directly log a case with the provider.

Here’s the tabs: About



MyHelp App



Getting Started

Getting started

Application 3.

Name: Opportunity Product Recommendation powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services

Category: Free app.

Overview: Add Product Recommendations tailored for your business into the Opportunity page. Built using Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite, this app suggests additional items personalized to your customers.

  • Recommend items which are bought together
  • Integrated with Sales pipeline
  • Built using Microsoft Machine Learning API

From User’s Perspective

  • Installation is smooth and easy.
  • I found the Technical aspects of this app really useful as it provides product recommendations for each opportunity record that can be personalized.
  • This app can be a good example of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.
  • Utility provided beforehand to add recommended products to the related opportunity and a way to enrich Sales.

Here’s the Components: RecommendedAPI


Application 4.

Name: LeadFlow – Simple, Automated Lead Assignment

Category: Paid app.

Overview: LeadFlow automatically assigns leads and flow them to the right owner or team. LeadFlow supports a simple round robin through to more complex weighted algorithms, all defined through an intuitive administration console.

  • Simple & Intuitive
    – Simple 4-step implementation, be up and running in minutes
    – Intuitive administration console; no training necessary
    – Works in conjunction with standard Salesforce lead rules; best of both
  • Flexible Assignment Rules
    – Simple out-of-office indicator for each User to bypass them
    – Leads can be assigned to named Users and/or queues (for teams)
    – Simple round robin, or more complex weighted algorithms for assignments
  • Better than Free
    – This is a complete rewrite of our very popular free application with improved scalability, error-handling and new features.
    – Low cost investment, pay for only the functionality you need – lead assignment

From User’s Perspective

  • Installation is smooth and easy.
  • This application has a simple and easy to understand UI and with an ease to set the Lead Assignee for a lead.
  • For most of the test possibilities this is well tested with improved functionalities.
  • Not much of the post deployment steps makes it perfect and user friendly.
  • Leads can be assigned to the Users and Queues (Teams) both.
  • I would love to review it with Lightning.

Here are the tabs: Instructions


Management Console

management console





Application 5.

Name: CRM SuperStars Product Code Roll-up for Opportunities

Category: free app.

Overview: Product code roll-up makes product codes from opportunity line items available in a text field on Opportunity so you can use them in filters and search.Document merge applications can also use this data to pull in documents relating to line items.

  • The roll-up of Product Code to Opportunities is stored as character delimited text in a 32,768 character Long Text Field on Opportunity to handle over 5,000 5-character product codes on a single opportunity.
  • A short version of the product code roll-up list is additionally stored in a 255 character text field on Opportunities.
  • You can configure your own roll-up delimiter in the text field list of product codes on Opportunities to avoid using a character that you also use in your product codes. The delimiter character should not appear in your product code naming convention.

From User’s Perspective

  • Easy to Install and Use.
  • This application makes product codes from opportunity line items to Opportunity so you can use them in filters and search.
  • Easy to track all product on opportunity in a single field
  • The ‘short’ field includes the first 255 characters from the list so that the field can be used as a filter in Salesforce Views.
  • In the case of a 5 character product code, this field will support 42 opportunity line item codes

Here’s the Tab: Opportunity Details:



Application 6.

Name: Devart Excel Add-in for Salesforce

Category: free app.

Overview: This application allows you to connect Microsoft Excel to Salesforce, quickly and easily load data from Salesforce to Excel, instantly refresh data in an Excel workbook from Salesforce, edit these data, and save them back to Salesforce.


  1. Connect Microsoft Excel to Salesforce
  2. Work with Salesforce data directly in Excel
  3. Modify Salesforce data easily

From User’s Perspective

  • Easy to Install and Use.
  • Support Salesforce contacts, accounts, opportunities, leads, users, attachments, tasks, and other objects like with usual Excel worksheets.
  • Easily perform data cleansing and deduplication
  • Apply all the Excel’s powerful data processing
  • its simple import and query builder which really makes the difference especially when you have not a lot experience in SQL.

Here’s the Tab: Devart Excel Add-ins



Application 7.

Name: CareerSofia

Category: paid app.

Overview: Career Sofia’s Automated Sales Coaching software delivers coaching specific to the opportunity and sales representative. Sales reps have access to relevant training insights, checklist, battle cards and marketing knowledge base from one interface.

  • Career Sofia learns about the deal from multiple (customizable) fields in Salesforce, and our Insights Engine combines that data with salesperson assessment data to personalize a tactical coaching playbook. For each opportunity.
  • Deeper training is reinforced right inside Salesforce via recommended skills which include video and tests.
  • Sales reps engaging with this material rapidly eliminate holes in their skill set perform with greater confidence and success.
  • Career Sofia’s Automated Content Creation (ACC) technology which is embedded in the platform, surfaces relevant case studies, whitepapers, and competitive insights.
  • Experienced reps utilize this information for every opportunity.

From User’s Perspective

  • Easy to Install and Use.
  • This app goal is to make sales teams better, faster.

Here’s the Tab: Opportunity Detail tab


Application 8.

Name: Map My Customers

Category: free app.

Overview: This application is used to take your sales team to the next level? Effortlessly visualize spreadsheets, optimize driving routes, and segment leads across your team and sync to all your devices.

  • Make your salesforce data come alive — easily visualize your customers across the world in just one click.
  • Driving route creation and optimization! Get directions from Waze & Google Maps so you can beat the traffic and find the shortest route to all of your customers. Save unlimited routes for use later.
  • Add groups & territories to easily hide/show sets of customers, and automatically set reminders and check-ins so that you know where you went and still need to go.

From User’s Perspective

  • Sales mapping made simple. Track your customers with beautiful mapping tools from map my customers.
  • MMC allows you to easily map and share your customers.
  • Fast, free, and simple – add notes, check-ins, reminders, phone numbers, routes, and more – all through one beautiful app that syncs between your iPhone, iPad, and computer.

Here’s the Tab: Leads

This has really been an awesome experience for me writing AppExchange App Review Series and best of my times to find myself surrounded by best of the application from amazing Salesforce Partners, it’s improving my Ideas on Applications on how to develop such crazy Applications that can revamp your business strategies and help your business grow like never before and this is the reason why our customers call Salesforce “A Customer Success Platform”. For any suggestions, feel free to contact, let’s hope if I can add more value to your ideas.

Hope you enjoyed the Salesforce AppExchange App Review Series, don’t forget to share it with the Awesome Salesforce Community.